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Reserve A Room ForWelcome to Summer Palace HotelUnpretentiously LuxuriousFamily Sunny VacationConferences and Meetings!Comfortable and Relaxing!Spacious!Fun for the family and Kids!Comfortable and queen sized bed!A weekend Away from home!Clean and welcoming!Always at your service!Dine with us!Eat with family and friends at affordable rate!Good facilities for your comfort!Spacious and comfortable!Conference space suitable for corporate meetings!Meetings, conferences and conventions can be held here!Enjoy good sleep and recover from long days of work!Good sleep and rest!

Reserve A Room For

Welcome to Summer Palace Hotel

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Unpretentiously Luxurious

Family Sunny Vacation

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Conferences and Meetings!

Comfortable and Relaxing!

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Fun for the family and Kids!

Comfortable and queen sized bed!

A weekend Away from home!

Clean and welcoming!

Always at your service!

Dine with us!

Eat with family and friends at affordable rate!

Good facilities for your comfort!

Spacious and comfortable!

Conference space suitable for corporate meetings!

Meetings, conferences and conventions can be held here!

Enjoy good sleep and recover from long days of work!

Good sleep and rest!



Single Bedroom

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Double Bedroom

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Single Delux Bedroom

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Double Delux Bedroom

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Expect Comfort and Relaxation and lots of Sun!

Expect gracious accommodation and personalized service as provided by your hosts. We welcome our discerning guests to a stylish and awesome stay with all the modern conveniences such as flat-screen satellite TV, air conditioner, water heater and delicious breakfast.

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Summer Palace Hotel is an excellent alternative to large impersonal hotels, we offers an intimate charm no hotel can match. We take pleasure in creating a pleasant and warm atmosphere for you. Each room is equipped with air condition and has a beautiful and comfortable ambiance.

And for the nature-lover, the wonderful Cape Coast beaches and resorts begin a short distance from the property. Summer Palace Hotel is owner-run and managed. We offer free breakfast and WIFI services. Organized Events include a guided tour around most beautiful and historical part of Cape Coast metropolitan areas of Ghana.


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